In a world that often measures women through a lens skewed by societal norms, you, like many, have found yourself feeling adrift, lost in the expectations of others. The journey to embracing your divine femininity can be a tumultuous one, marked by external judgments and societal pressures.

Yet, within this sanctuary I've created, you will find a space where the weight of those judgments fades away. Boudoir photography is a part of a transformative journey—a mirror reflecting not just your physical form, but the resilience in your eyes and the unspoken poetry of your soul. It's a haven where you can reclaim your narrative, celebrating the unique beauty, strength, and sensuality that makes you who you are.

Allow my lens to tell your story that is undeniably and authentically yours.

Hey girl, I'm Kristen

Come with me to discover your divine femininity.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! These ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! *starts crying* I can’t wait to share how BREATH TAKING THESE ARE!!!!! I hope you look at these photos and realize just HOW AMAZING YOU ARE AT THIS!!! This is definitely your calling. OMG These are beautiful, Kristen. Just letting you know I’m ordering all of them! I hope these photos show women just how amazing they truly are and what fun their 30's are. Even my Mama is obsessed!”

~ Claire

"Kristen is a magical being ! I feel like there might be insecurities and fears around what to do and how to act going into a photoshoot, especially if you haven’t done it before, but she creates the safest energy that simply encourages you to be you and have fun! She is charismatic behind the camera and curates an exciting environment! This, let alone her talent in being able to capture an array of moods in different moments and settings in the most beautiful pictures is timeless. Could not recommend her and her photography more.

~ Dominique

"These are so good! I love them! You made it so easy to be comfortable. Seriously, you have such a gift! So obsessed, I don’t know which ones are my favorite, they’re all so good, holy crap. To what do I owe the pleasure of having you in my life!!!”


"Kristen works magic with her camera! Kristen's easy-going manner, ability to find beauty everywhere, and genuine love of her art make working with her easy. She gives some guidance but mostly let's you lead the way in how you'd like your photoshoot to go. I'm never happy with posed photos; my smiles are always forced and look fake. I'm never disappointed and will keep coming back to Kristen year after year! 10/10!!!"

~ Lindsay

"If I could give 10 stars I would! Kristen is so amazing at her craft and goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and at home during your shoot. Be prepared to be blown away at your final product! Couldn’t recommend more!”


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Choose a boudoir experience as unique and individual as you are.
You can begin exploring through a variety of ways whether it's my services or my portfolio I hope you find something that inspires you.

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STEP INTO THIS SPACE AND  let me capture the raw, unfiltered magic within.

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Now, more than anything, I am passionate about photographing you, as you are. I love hearing what your goals are for your session and what makes you, you. I want everyone I work with to walk away with a sense of being seen in the full spectrum of their light. I aspire to make that magic with you which you deserve.

Meet Kristen

my love!

Photography has been my medium for communicating my thoughts and ideas about the world for almost twenty years. Most of my work has focused on documentary shooting, trying to capture ephemeral emotions as they develop. Being a quiet observer of the world around me is my super power.

I've been and done a lot in my life - from social worker, HOA manager (never again!), birth doula, and then labor & delivery nurse (still at it!), and stripping in Las Vegas (talk about a wild ride). I've tried a TON, failed a lot, learned so many things about myself and womanhood and life! But all of these crazy adventures have brought me here, to you now. As a trauma informed practitioner and girl who's been through it myself, I can help you blossom in the knowledge that you are safe, heard, and in control always.

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